Our Breeds

At Cedar Echo Family Kennel we breed quality puppies known for their wonderful temperament, good structure & intelligence, in turn making our pups endearing and very loving companions to any welcoming home.

Our dogs are extremely loyal and love to be included in all aspects of family life making fabulous loving pets.


Every Goldendoodle starts out looking like a Golden Retriever when first born. 

Goldendoodles are created from crossing Purebred Golden Retrievers and Purebred Standard Poodles. This particular breeding creates dogs with superior heath and temperament, taking on many of the better traits of their parents.

General Temperament: Goldendoodles have superior intelligence, and are easily trained. They are an even tempered dog with a need and a love for human interaction. They are a great combo for a family pet.

Coat Type: The poodle-like coat that usually dominates this allows for low dander and little to non-shedding. The quality of their coat often reduces or eliminates allergic reactions.


The Golden is a mid to large size dog, extremely intelligent and they have a huge desire to please. Accommodating and sensitive natures make Goldens a wonderful pet and an excellent companion for the disabled. These dogs have a high energy level and take much pleasure in all activities. They are ideal family dogs; they adore children and want to be involved in family activities, indoor and out.


General Temperament: Gentle and with a low level of aggression as well they are highly compatibility with other animals. They are natural retrievers and love the water. Goldens are intelligent and easily trained.

Purebred Golden Retrievers

Coat Type: Hair doesn’t grow continuously, but in cycles of about 180 days. “Spring” and “Fall” shedding is not due to hot or cold, but to ‘short-day’ light cycles; even indoor dogs shed! 

Shedding is worse in puppies compared to more mature dogs. Goldens have an abundant coat, producing more or less constant shedding to some degree. This requires a minimum weekly brushing, and during a heavy ‘shed’ this needs to be daily brushing.


Purebred Standard Poodles

An intelligent breed, they are also known for their energetic and sociable qualities. Warm and personable disposition emanates as they learn to trust their persons. Poodles excel in obedience training and do well at many dog sports as well as enjoying hiking and walking with their families.

General Temperament: Elegant. Proud. Clever. They are intelligent and learn quickly and easily. A very loyal breed that bonds quickly with their owners. Standard poodles make for an excellent family pet. 

Coat Type: Poodles have a single layer coat which is naturally curly and dense throughout. They are considered hypoallergenic. The texture of their coat ranges from coarse and woolly to soft and wavy. They shed, but instead of fur coming off it becomes tangled in surrounding hair. A simple pair of electric clippers are a well groomed poodles best friend.

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